Unique operation via Smartphone or Tablet


Fuel savings of up to 30%


Optimal environmentally friendly combustion


The automatic system can also be used without a Smartphone or Tablet

DuplicAir Intelligent Manual ENG

DuplicAir® Intelligent Control Blue

DIC Blue automatic allows remote operation via a Smartphone

We are proud to be able to present Jydepejsen’s new, automatic DuplicAir® Intelligent Control Blue (DIC Blue), which can be purchased from the Omega stove series. DIC Blue can control the air supply both automatically and manually, and inform you with a signal when it is time to add more wood to the stove.

Using an app, which is free to download to your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor the current temperature and chimney draft in the stove.

DIC Blue ensures optimum air supply and thus provides optimum combustion, for the benefit of both the environment and not least the consumption of wood, which can be reduced with savings of up to 40-50%.

If you want to override the automation and use the stove manually, this can be done in two ways: either manually via the DuplicAir® control handle or by smartphone. It’s possible to remotely operate the stove by moving the slider on the display – quick and easy

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