Through several decades, Jydepejsen’s development section has excelled in being the first with numerous features, which subsequently has created precedence for the branch as a whole in many countries.

The most important innovative milestones:

2016 - Insourcing

Insourcing of the production

2015 - Smartphone App

Development of the first app

2009 - Elegance glass

The largest arched glass, mounted in a stove in one single piece, and which further enables a 180˚ view

2000 - DuplicAir®

Jydepejsen’s unique air control system, which controls both the primary and secondary air supply and eases operation

1999 - Accumulation stones

Invisible heat accumulating soapstone, integrated in the stove

1990 - Remote control

Remote controlled combustion

1986 - Soapstone cover

The best stone material for heat accumulation and an elegant look