Jydepejsen relies on the high quality of SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels “Made in Germany”. In 35 years of serial production over 75 million ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels have been sold. Thus SCHOTT is one of the leading manufacturers of fireplace windows SCHOTT ROBAX® is IN FRONT – today and in the future.

The glass ceramic ROBAX® consists of 95% sand and two other natural raw materials. Thanks to its very low thermal expansion it is extremely heat resistant, but also shows a high mechanical strength. For a short time the panels even withstand extreme temperatures of up to 760 C°, as well as considerable shifts in temperature and thermal shocks. Such features like thermal resistance, transparency, heat transmission and long lifespan are what allow SCHOTT ROBAX® to guarantee perfect protection from flying sparks and real enjoyment of the fire.

With a broad variety of products and services, SCHOTT teams up with Jydepejsen to take advantage of market opportunities. As a joint source of inspiration for product, market and sales ideas, SCHOTT fulfils end user wishes before they have even been expressed.