At Jydepejsen we are constantly focusing on developing and improving existing products. This is an ongoing process. It is therefore also a great pleasure to inform, that Mido is now available with a cast iron top known from Jydepejsens bestseller Como which was launched back in 2009. This gives a very different stove and a completely new experience.
At the same time Mido has undergone new and significantly improved results at the Danish Technological Institute. In a new test certificate, it scores up to 6 mg / Nm3 which is a very low value.
Air quality is important to all of us. Although wood-burning stoves are a relatively low emission source, Jydepejsen prioritises the work of developing new green and environmentally friendly technology, thereby reducing the emissions from wood-burning stoves even more.

Slim and stylish with unique timeless details is what characterizes Jydpejsens Mido. The Mido has been refined to the smallest detail, and the harmonic design appeals to its simplicity for many types of homes.
The price point remains the same regardless of which version of Mido you choose.