2019 marks the 40th birthday of Jydepejsen and will be an exciting year

2019 will be a milestone in Jydepejsen’s history, as we mark Jydepejsen’s 40th anniversary. In this connection, we will launch a number of updates and news. The news will be ready for dealer presentations in the Spring, and they will be presented in our new experience center; “Jydepejsens mobile showroom”. The showroom is a mobile experience that will tour exhibitions, dealer presentations, events and training. It will be the perfect setting for presenting new product launches, doing training and event marketing, while also pampering our customers.


Jydepejsen was founded in 1979 by Finn Nielsen; a young innovative businessman who could not wait for several weeks to have his orders of stoves delivered to his fireplace shop. He therefore started his own stove production, which quickly developed to become one of Denmark’s pioneering manufactures and suppliers of stoves. The company was named “Jydepejsen”. “Jyde” symbolized the area of ​​Jutland, credibility and high quality, and “Pejsen” symbolized fire, warmth and coziness.

Jydepejsen’s first commercial product was named “Jydepejsen”, later came stoves like Senior and Queen. One of the first ads looked like below. The people, their attire and the mood show who bought stoves back in the 70s and what experience it gave in the home; real coziness.

Jydepejsen A / S has since 1979 developed, manufactured and sold its exclusive stoves to discerning customers both in Denmark and the rest of the world. Sheet metal working and welding for raw stoves is carried out by Danish subcontractors. Preparation, assembly and installation of steel sides, soapstone and ceramic tiles and final quality control takes place in Jydepejsen’s own production facilities, which are still in Nr. Felding, Holstebro. The vast majority of Jydepejsen’s production is exported. It is only sold to the professional industry worldwide. Since Finn’s founding, Jydepejsen has always strived to be at the forefront of development and, over the years, has resulted in several groundbreaking solutions.