Jydepejsen, The Most innovative Wood Stoves

Wood stoves have kept homes warm for centuries, but todays wood stove bears little resemblance to its predecessors. Today’s modern wood stoves represent innovation, aesthetics and least not efficiency.

At Jydepejsen we have been designing stoves since 1979. Built on heritage craftsmanship we are manufacturing stoves that represent tradition but with an innovation, aesthetics, efficiency and eco-friendliness of the future.

Innovations in wood stoves


Automation: While most stoves require manual maintenance, automated stoves monitor changes in the burning environment, such as oxygen and fuel, to produce the perfect fire without requiring homeowners to keep a constant eye on it. With entries like Jydepejsen’s patented technologies DuplicAir® and DIC (DuplicAir® Intelligent Control) a specially developed control system that ensures optimal combustion, we provide the user with a very simple operation and optimal heating solution throughout the entire service life of the stove. The DIC automatic system informs the user about the temperature in the stove and signals once it is time to fill in more fuel.  The stove adjusts the air flow on its own but can be overridden using a smartphone or manually from the stove’s air wheel.

With these technologies users can stock fuel, set an ideal temperature, and walk away, leaving the stove to electronically track temperatures and manipulate oxygen levels to ensure the perfect temperature transfer and efficient burning.


Efficiency: The most enduring myth about wood stoves is that they’re inefficient — even though they’ve been clean burning for nearly 20 years.  Jydepejsen constantly work on developing some of the most efficient stoves, achieving an efficiency of up to 84%. A Jydepejsen stove has an option for connecting the stove to fresh air. This means that the stove can be installed in well isolated houses as well as new low energy houses.

Aesthetics: The aesthetic appeal of a stove is today as important as its efficiency, and it’s not difficult to achieve. Jydepejsen make use of glass to offer a view of the fire. Same time the glass resists smoke and ash buildup. Back in 1986 Jydepejsen and Tulikivi together were the first companies in the world to clad a wood burning stove with soapstone. With over 35 years of experience Jydepejsen has for more than 3 decades been the leading supplier of soapstone wood burning stoves.  A soapstone stove stores the heat and keep it for longer time. The heat is afterwards released slowly and supplied to the room in form of pleasant radiant warmth.

Green focus:  At Jydepejsen we work with a sustainable green focus. Our wood stoves today burn 50% more efficiently than traditional wood stoves and produce 70% less particle pollution indoor and outdoor. Down to our accessory program such as our firestrips we produce organic. The firestrips lighting paper is 100% environmentally friendly material for wood stoves, barbeques and other kinds of bonfires.

The potential of wood stoves is huge. Wood stove technology is constantly being refined and at Jydepejsen we believe that that combination of aesthetic appeal, efficiency, automation and education we put in our work can keep the flame lit for decades to come.


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