Sigma Duplex Titan

Unique soapstone furniture
Combination of elements

Sigma Titan is an oven series consisting of three different structures of Tulikivi soapstone with the Sigma insert at the centre. The unique warm appearance of the stones shapes the basis of a piece of furniture with nice view of the fire through the big, wide-format glass.

If you wish to combine the stove with parts of the different elements, you can add your personal touch to Sigma Titan and adorn the room for both summer and winter.

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Steel colour: Black or grey
Dimensions: H1794 x B1100 x D461
KW: 3 – 9
M²: 40 – 140
Weight: 783 kg
Control: DuplicAir®
Dimensions combustion chamber: H370 x B500 x D220

Data sheets

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