Automatic air control

We are proud to present Jydepejsen’s new automatic systems DIR (DuplicAir Intelligent Response®) and DIC (DuplicAir Intelligent Control®) which can be purchased with the Omega stove series that can be seen on this page too.

By means of a signal, both automatic systems help you refill your stove at the right moment. Furthermore, you can also follow the current temperature and the chimney draught in the stove on your smartphone. The stress of having to refill the stove or that you might forget to do so is eliminated while at the same time the most economic utilisation of the fuel is ensured.

Nord 3 Miljoe

Nord – nice finishing at a reasonable price

The Nord line is products from Jydepejsen in a lower price level, but still made in Jydepejsen´s well-known finishing and quality.

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Powered by Tulikivi

In 1986 Jydepejsen and Tulikivi together were the first companies in the world to clad a wood burning stove with soapstone. This close cooperation between two quality product manufactureres is now stronger than ever. Tulikivi Group has over 35 years of experience of quarrying and processing high quality soapstone and has for more than three decades been the leading supplier of lining stones.

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Jydepejsen relies on the high quality of SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels "Made in Germany". In 35 years of serial production over 75 million ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels have been sold. Thus SCHOTT is one of the leading manufacturers of fireplace windows. SCHOTT ROBAX® is IN FRONT - today and in the future.  

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