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Keep your wood-burning stove for many years


Keep your wood-burning stove for many years
As with everything else, a stove must be maintained to ensure optimal function and a longer lifespan. Before you start the cleaning of your stove, make sure:

  1. All parts of the wood burning stove are cold
  2. That all possible glows are off
  3. Only use suitable tools


Brændeovn i stue



Jydepejsen´s stoves are generally maintained in the same way as your other furniture with dust cloth and mild soapy water without solvents. After cleaning, the stove should be wiped with a dry cloth. The painted surfaces of the stove may optionally be re-painted with caution with the paint  type Senotherm 12-1644 in the color charcoal grey or grey depending on the color of the stove. This spray paint can be purchased from your local Jydepejsen dealer.



The glass windows will blacken if there is too much water in the wood or if the air supply is not sufficiently open. The stains on the window are removed with a cloth or newspaper which you dip in the cold ashes from the stove. Special stove cleaning products can also be purchased for this purpose. Other detergents can damage the coating on the glass.

Use dry wood with max 20% humidity only.

Open DuplicAir® to feed more air to the combustion process.

ONLY Clean glass with cleaner designed and suitable for stove glass. Other types of cleaner can damage the coating of the glass.

For more information, inquire your distributor.



It is simple to maintain ceramics from Jydepejsen. Usually, it suffices to wipe the tiles with a damp cloth. Use a mild soap solution in case of heavier soiling. Ceramic tiles are intolerant of strong acids and lye like most other natural products. Consequently, you should avoid using strong detergents. With correct and careful maintenance, your ceramic tiles will radiate heat and character for many years.



It is very simple to clean soapstone. Usually, it suffices to wipe soapstone with a damp cloth wrung in lukewarm water. Avoid all types of detergent. Minor scratches may be repaired using very fine sandpaper with a grit size of 240. Contact your dealer if a soapstone tile needs repairing.

Brown discoloration occurs when soapstone is heated to over 500°C. In such cases, the soapstone has been superheated which is not covered by the warranty. If you maintain the soapstone facing on your stove correctly, it will keep its beautiful character for many years.



You should remove the ash from the stove regularly. However, we recommend leaving a layer on the bottom as this contributes to insulating the fire chamber. Your stove should be thoroughly checked and cleaned at least once in the firing season.


Cleaning instructions

You should remove the baffle plate(s) prior to sweeping the stove. This allows loose soot from the chimney to fall into the fire chamber. Use this manual to determine if your stove has one or two baffle plates and how to remove it/them. You should close the air supply to prevent soot and ash from entering the room. Following sweeping, remove ash and soot from the vermiculite support in the fire chamber. Then re-fit the baffle plate(s).


Sealing bands

Sealing bands and vermiculite plates are wearing parts and should be replaced as needed. How often depends of the use of the stove – some stove owners have to change the parts every year whereas others replace them every two or three years. Sealing bands should be replaced when flat and the front door is no longer tight. New sealing bands with glue may be ordered from your wood-burning stove dealer.

The vermiculite plates should be replaced when they appear worn or have deep scratches revealing the fire chamber steel. Worn vermiculite plates should be replaced in time as they will otherwise loose their heat reflection and insulation properties. Movable and mechanical parts should be greased with a heat-resistant lubricant at least every year (locking mechanism, hinges, etc.)


The stove and the chimney should be checked regularly by a qualified professional to ensure the optimal function of the stove. It is illegal to make unauthorized changes to wood-burning stoves and doing so will void the warranty and the test results.


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Jydepejsen A/S is a well-established company, which has worked on the development of the design and optimal use of the characteristics of fire since 1979. We attach great importance to producing high quality wood-burning stoves which are easy to use, stylish in design and have low particle emission to the benefit of the environment.