Optimal control of your wood burning stove with DuplicAir®

Through several decades, Jydepejsen’s development section has excelled in being the first with numerous features, which subsequently has created precedence for the branch as a whole in many countries.
One important innovative milestone is Jydepejsen’s unique air control system, DuplicAir®, which controls both the primary and secondary air supply in just one handle and eases operation. A specially developed control system that ensures optimal combustion.

This patented system provides the user with a very simple operation and optimal heating solution throughout the entire service life of the stove.
DuplicAir® is built into all Jydepejsens Stoves.

You are in control of the fire

With DuplicAir®, you can turn the flames up and down as you wish. Jydepejsen has developed a unique air control system, which makes it possible to dam up or damp down the fire immediately. You decide how much heat your stove should emit.

DuplicAir® is integrated in all  wood-burning stoves from Jydepejsen.

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