This is a big day for Jydepejsen as we have just attained AAA credit rating from Bisnode. Naturally, this has left the General Manager very satisfied:

“We are very pleased and proud to have attained AAA credit rating from Bisnode. It is a credit rating attained by only 2 % of Danish companies which tells us that we are doing things right at Jydepejsen,” says a happy Kennet Rand, General Manager of Jydepejsen.

For many companies, the past year has been one plagued by uncertainty due to the corona crisis but, at Jydepejsen, we have ridden out the storm and this AAA rating from Bisnode is compelling evidence of the fact.

What is a credit rating?

Bisnode’s credit rating model is the best-established in the Nordic region and is based on a set of rules comprising 2,400 decision-making rules and assesses the credit risk of companies at six levels.

The credit rating is thus an expression of the creditworthiness of a company as well as its ability to survive and we view the fact that we have just attained this AAA rating in the wake of the corona crisis as an extra pat on the back.

What does it mean to me as a consumer or vendor?

Whether you are a consumer or a vendor of Jydepejsen products, the AAA credit rating is your proof that Jydepejsen is a stable and secure supplier and business partner.

It also means that you can confidently buy Jydepejsen products without worrying whether we will be here tomorrow or the next day. A five-year warranty – such as the one offered by Jydepejsen on all its wood-burning stoves – has no real meaning if the company is not financially strong but the AAA rating from Bisnode is proof that you need not worry about that.

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